Saturday, July 25, 2015


Picture taken on June 20, 2015 in a cave at the Tent of Nations

Shalom. Peace. Often when we think of shalom, or peace, we think of the absence of war or conflict. But as Dhaod pointed out on my recent visit to the Tent of Nations, "Shalom is not the absence of conflict but the presence of righteousness."

In the context of the Middle East, the shalom principle means standing for justice and righteousness in the face of daily conflict. Shalom means standing for what is just. Shalom means making decisions as a piece of a mosaic, knowing that over time, small changes (color tiles) will turn change the picture (mosaic).

Although we do not live in the political climate of the Middle East, and do not have the threat of war at our doorstep, the shalom principle applies to our lives. If in my relationships I seek "the presence of righteousness" rather than peace as we think of it, I believe God has room to bring His kingdom. What does it mean to live "the presence of righteousness" in my marriage? parenting? friendships? career?

Since considering the shalom principle in my relationships, I have seen my heart shift. I see God moving more freely in my heart and mind as I focus less on the absence of conflict, and focus more on the presence of righteousness. Shalom. God's kingdom here on earth.

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